adult flapper costume sexy and classy flapper dresses for halloween!

Is there any better rebel attitude costume for ladies than a flapper costume? Flappers have hit the Roaring Twenties and are still an icon today. They represent a new kind of women who would not allow anyone to tell her how to walk and talk, but have their own code, and fashion. An adult flapper costume is a smart choice towards sexy dress and freedom. Are you rebel enough to wear a flapper dress?
You will want to be sexy on Halloween or another kind of party if you want to wear flapper dresses. A short dress dripping with fringe is often what the adult flapper costume is made of. It will also comes with a nice feather headband, sometimes oversized. You may also want to add your own final touch with a boa and definitely get a pair of sexy shoes.
You will choose among red, black and white colors for the flapper dress. Well not only, though these are what you will often see, many others are available and also styles have been revisited. So a grey or pink flapper dress, or a sexy and sparkling one can also become your favorite choice.
Another style of adult flapper costume is the Charleston costume. These ladies outfits will grab all the eyeballs at the party. You will be the most fine flapper in town if you wear this style. This is the dancer ensemble of the 1920s, so if you wanted to push the fashionista in yourself to a new level, you have just find the ideal costume, and again very sexy too.
For some other elegant styles you may want to choose a longer dress. These will still be sexy but add a classy touch to the whole. Also one accessory that will perfectly finish the flapper style is a long pearl necklace. You can find one for under a dollar, yes this is a fake one but match the style completely and does a great job!

To check the awesome and sexiest flapper costume or the Charleston style, and accessories have a look to Adult Flapper Costume and you’ll see the best women 1920’s costume ideas.